How To Build A Work Shop With Magnetic Balls

Intelligent puzzle set – 216 Magnetic balls spherical balls are unique toys that increase thinking and creative ability with thousands of models that can form.

Intelligent puzzle set – 216 tablets Magnetic balls spherical magnets are unique toys that help increase thinking ability and creativity with thousands of models that can form.

Today when technology is rapidly developing, smartphones and many other entertainment electronics are everywhere, people are increasingly dependent on them. In particular, parents do not want their children to be exposed to smartphones too soon because it can cause nearsightedness, low speech and reduced communication and brain development of children. for your child, both increased limb movement and increased intellectual thinking. 90% of the children after receiving this toy are very excited and they are spoiled for their creativity.

The box includes 216 super magnets – this small magic marbles is considered a toy that enhances thinking and creativity similar to Lego but much more intuitive and interesting game. Anyone who has played Minecraft games will feel very familiar and interested in the basic game of assembling blocks like this.

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