Top 5 sets of intelligent magnet toys

Magnet toys are a form of entertainment toys that stimulate the creative and intellectual thinking ability of children as well as adults.


When parents do not want their children to contact their smartphones too much because it can cause nearsightedness, depression, less talk and reduced communication, this is a kind of toy that makes children develop their brain and creativity. , patience, logical thinking and structure.


A recent type of toy, but on the market today there are many types, models and types that confuse you. Here is a summary of 5 most popular magnet toys for men today:


1. Buckybars magnets and magnetic balls:

Bộ nam châm xếp hình dạng que và bi Buckybars

Buckybars magnets and magnetic balls

Bằng trí tưởng tượng và sáng tạo vô hạn của mình người chơi Neocube đã cho ra đời hàng triệu hình thù khác nhau. Khả năng tùy biến của Neocube gần như không giới hạn và người chơi có thể sắp xếp vô số hình thú theo ý thích của mình.


2.Magnetic balls 216 5mm

Image result for magnetic balls

Magnetic balls 216 5mm colorful

With this set of magnetic balls, you will be creative with various shapes.

3. Square magnet

Related image

Square magnet

4. Magical Magnetic 40 Detailed set of magnet

Bộ xếp hình nam châm Magical Magnetic 40 Chi Tiết

Magical Magnetic 40 Detailed set of magnet

This is a set of eye-catching colors, made from primary ABS plastic, manufactured according to European standard EN71 so it is very safe for babies.

5. Multipurpose Magnet Multifunctional GCB XH37

Xếp Hình Nam Châm Đa Năng GCB XH37

Multipurpose Magnet Multifunctional GCB XH37

This set helps children become familiar with beautiful colors, shapes, and babies who will have to use their thinking to create complete images.

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