Why should you buy a Buckyball Neocube magnet?

Why should you buy a Buckyball Neocube magnet?

Did you know that the marbles or magical magnet magnets are extremely hot in Europe, why is it like that? The magnet stacks according to the principle of spatial geometry, so extremely stimulates the brain to develop, increasing the ability of creative thinking. In addition, this is an extremely effective stress relief toy for adults and elderly people who often have forgetfulness. Especially magnetic balls sets also increase the ability to focus, the ability to be patient.

It is possible to distinguish intelligent puzzle magnets present in the into the following 3 groups:

- First is the group of Bucky magnets: in this group there will be two types, Buckyneo, cubes of cubes that are interlocked. The second type is Buckyballs with spherical magnet blocks.

- The second group is the type of typical stress releasing pen, such as: Think in Pen, Polar Pen ball pen, ...

- Finally, a group of permanent magnet products, these products are usually sold very little mainly for research.

How to playing with magnetic balls videos:

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